Friday, February 18, 2011

February 15th, 2011

Jennifer, Val, Esther, Kate, Carole, Emma and Barbara turned up.  

We started with a long and lively discussion about mobile phones and the difficulty of establishing just what the various deals mean! Also, it smacks of smart business practice, when a particular company starts advertising a vastly better deal, but only offers it to existing customers if they demand it. When the boot is on the other foot and they want more money from existing customers they quickly send emails asking for the extra charges to be paid! Another issue discussed was the cost of using mobiles overseas which can be astronomical.

However turning to quilting Esther showed us the Centre Block for her BOM. It is lovely and although the Civil War fabrics are very different from Esther's usual choices they look fabulous.
Esther was recommending Roxanne glue to hold the applique pieces in place.

Emma and Jennifer spent time trying to reconcile our finances and to work out where we stand with Rent, Insurance and VQ membership. There is quite a bit of catching up to do.

Val was working on the finishing touches of a large bag made for and designed by her 51/2 year old granddaughter.

Val was also working on a hexagon bag from precut fabric donated by someone who no longer wanted the hexagons.

Esther is working hard and busy chatting, but also missing Evi as we all were.

Barbara is busy crocheting rugs for her daughters. She is very interested in Esther's new BOM as it would be a good project to take on her long trip later this year.

Carole reported that after 12 months her Tuscany quilt is nearly finished and hopefully will be in Show and Tell next month.

Kate has just started knitting a doll - one of the Ak traditions designs. With three pregnant nieces, it is likely at least one baby will be a girl! The Johnstone collection has a lecture in May about dolls in the Western World starting with Roman examples and I have booked to go as it sounds fascinating.

And now for the Show and Tell:-
Esther's central block for her new BOM, Heart's Desire.
Val's granddaughter's large bag. I love her choice of colours.
Val has almost finished quilting this cot quilt for her niece's baby girl. The niece and her partner found the pattern on the Internet.
Jennifer with Oriental 4, - spot the progress since January. Jennifer also had the very pretty Oriental 5, but I did not focus the camera properly hence no photo yet.
Carole and her Point Lonsdale group are making the Quilt Show BOM 2010. Carole's blocks started off in pinks and purples, but other colours are now starting to creep in.
Barb with one of her crocheted rugs. Her daughters should not lose the rugs if they are all as bright as this.